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How to choose the right font for your web project?

how to choose the right font for your web project/ How to choose the right font for your web project?

Choosing right font for your project is important when you start a project whatever website design, graphic design, user interface design.

There are lots of fonts available online which is so nice and cool but designer should maintain some criteria while selecting the font for a project. Text are not only for showcasing information or content; it also shows the personality of a brand. Correct font also gives better user experience through the content. Users eye always want some better feelings. When user can read your content directly they find a better experience, it doesn’t mean that you will use H1 size font always for better experience nor bold font. Designer should choose a font family maintaining those criteria. There we discussed some major criteria that helps designer how to choose the right font for their web project.

Fits Your Brand

This may the critical steps while a designer choosing the fonts for website. To present the brand choose a font related on the brand personality. It may be related with the brand logo typography or branding typography. For example, Arla Food used MUARA on their logo but they also use condensed serif font on their branding as well.

Legibility & Readability

The second most crucial principle is readability. It is most important part while designer choosing the font face. Visitor should read the text easily. Like, a grungy font may fit your brand, but it will not suit while visitor will read a paragraph. Moreover, your font should be professional and legible.

Font Classification

While there are hundreds of ways to classify a font, these are the five main types: serif, sans-serif, script, monospace, and decorative. A script or serif font conveys elegance, while monospace fonts are popular on tech sites. Knowing these classifications will give you a better starting point in your search.

Display or Body Font

Display font variety on your projects. You take the advantages of size, variation, bold, Italic, font style etc. But be careful while using them. Don’t forget the typography you define as core design process. If this usage maintains a certain typeface, then it looks awesome otherwise not so useful.

Mood and Intent

Just like any artistic work, artists design fonts for specific moods and settings. Most fonts will come with notes on how they were designed and how you can use them. Use them to decide whether the font suits your project.

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